Firefox 3.0.8 Overtakes Firefox 3.0.7 !

Few days ago, Firefox has reached the version 3.0.7 and it goes for 3.0.8 now. This newer version 3.0.8 has come out with two fixed critical security issues, which found in the earlier version 3.0.7.
Fixed Errors in Firefox 3.0.8
MFSA 2009-13 Arbitrary code execution through XUL <tree> element
MFSA 2009-12 XSL Transformation vulnerability

Click to compare Firefox 3.0.7 and Firefox 3.0.8


This version is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X in various languages. Therefore, you can pick your favorite your language with this latest version.
If you are going to install this new version, it will overwrite the existing installation of your earlier versions and you won’t lose your feeds, bookmarks and browsing history. Nevertheless, some of your extensions, themes and addons may not match your latest version.

Click to source and download this Firefox 3.0.8

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