Tiny Retro LED Projector – Good Pair For Your Digital Devices !

Already we have discussed about tiniest products in our blog. In such a way this is new Tiny LED Projector comes with built-in rechargeable battery and speaker. You can connect your digital devices with this projector easily like mobile phones, laptops netbooks, PC, digital cameras, VCD/DVD players, PMP players, iPod. All these devices can be connected via RCA and USB cable to project your films to convert music, PPT presentation on the wall.

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Following are some important features of this device :
•Cuboid Tiny Projector
•Standard Camera screw-hold
•Connected Interface: RCA cable
•Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
•Light source: 3W LED


•Picture Size: 15 – 48 inch
•Contract Ratio: 200:1
Video Source: Composite Video In (iPod Video Compatible (PAL/NTSC)
•Video Input: AV IN (iPod Video compatible)
•Speaker: Built-in Loudspeaker
•Size: 6 x 6 x 3.8 cm


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