How To Fix Scan Disk Error During System Boot ?

If your system is checking Scan Disk after every restart then it means some of your system files have been corrupted. Main reasons for this error are
•Improper Shut Down
•Not letting Scan Disk to be completed at first time
•Any of your External Hard Disk and Portable Drive connected to your system may cause this error after every boot.

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Here we have given the simplest solution to solve this error.
•Click on Start and choose Run
•In Run menu, type “cmd” (without double quotes” to go to the DOS prompt.
•Then type “chkntfs /x drive letter” (without double quotes) For example :chkntfs /x c:. You have to type as given only if your system runs Scan Disk for C drive.
•If your system runs for C and D drives you have to type chkntfs /x c: d:
This command will modify your system registry. Just navigate to the following path to check the correction.


The default value is for BootExecute is autocheck autochk *. When you use the /x switch, it will add a /k parameter prior to the asterisk. The /k parameter excludes volumes from being checked during system boot up. After fiishing the above command just restart your system, your trouble will be fixed. [ More ]


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