How To Know The Mails With Attachment In Outlook ?

If you are using Microsoft Office Outlook means definitely you know about its performance. You can handle multiple accounts in it for your convenience. You can get lot of attachments via your mails but it is too difficult to find the attachment mails in Outlook.
To find out it you have two choices, they are inbuilt feature and another one is software that allows you to manage and find the attachments in a cleaner fashion.

Want to know about Outlook Connector ?


Normally Outlook has a predefined set of search folders out of which one is mail with attachments. Just go to File > New > Search Folder > Select Search Folder > Mail With Attachments. Choose this option and the account in which you like to find the Attachment. As soon as you press the enter key you will have the all mails with attachments.
Although you get all mails with attachment yet there are some problems, it never list the names of the mails with attachment.


Therefore we have to open each and every file to save them along with it and you can take the mails of two different accounts. In such a situation you must use this tool called Outlook Attach View, available for free that has the ability to list all the attachments from your outlook profile in a go. This software works fine and brings the good results for you about the attachments.



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