iTunes 8.1 For Windows And Mac Users – Attention iPod Shuffle Users !

Now Apple has updated its iTunes to version 8.1 for easy downloading and it is available for Windows and Mac through the official iTunes web page. It is now most important to those who have purchased the new third generation iPod shuffle, because it won’t work without this new upgraded tunes.
This new updated version has brought some minor changes and few features for user’s convenient.

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Speed Improvements :
Now it is easy to load large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store and syncing your device faster than before.
Autofill any iPod :
Now it is easy to autofill with any of your iPod and you can let the iTunes choose what songs fill your pocket and enjoy your music at random.
Import as iTunes Plus :
You can import the music from your CDs as higher quality, 256-Kbps iTunes Plus files.


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