How To Prevent External Hard Drives From Entering Sleep Mode ?

If you are using an external hard drive, you might have faced Sleep Mode problem that often happens after some time of inactivity of your external hard disk. Your external drive will enter the sleep mode and it will initiate a wake up when new data is requested of the drive.
To avoid this problem the developer of No Sleep has developed a small and simple program, which has the ability to write a blank text file for every interval to prevent the drive from entering sleep mode.

Click install Windows Vista SP2


You can do the same with a simple batch file or Autohotkey program but No Sleep is a solution for users without the knowledge to create a program of their own. This tool is completely portable and it comes with a graphical user interface that can be used to configure some of the program’s settings. You can set the interval between 1 to 15 minutes and it can be started with a single click. This software is supposed to work with all Microsoft Windows Operating systems and all types of Hard disks.

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